Woman telling dog to stay

How to Teach Your Dog to Stay - Step by Step Guide

Getting your dog to stay can be very useful, especially if their curiosity is getting them into unwanted situations. Here you'll find a step by step guide on how to train your dog the stay command.

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Sudden Death of Beloved Cat

My heart is broken right now, because my beloved Theo, "Mr. Kitty", died suddenly today. I ate lunch with a...

love with pets

hy guys

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Our puppies come with their AKC registration form AKC registration form, a Litter Certificate, a Health Guarantee, and a Shot...

Dod breed

Iam trying to find out wwhat a Podango dog is all about(is there such a breed).Please let me know if...

Why is my dog whining and panting

Is she in pain?

Care for your pet when you travel or get busy at work

Pet owners are looking every day for a loving home they can leave their pets when they travel, someone to...

Random death

My cat Moxie died out of nowhere today. She has always been really healthy, nothing wrong she was only 3...

Sudden cat deathI am grieving but to help others who experienced a similiar

I experienced sudden cat death today. The cat was 4 yrs old. Everything fine this morning but suddenly this afternoon...

Shelby at Halloween

Aussie a red- blue merle

My favorite friend, Merley.

Daisies Mae

Sweet Daisie is a very active young Blenheim Cavalier (3yrs).  Very smart but difficult to train due to very short...

Animals Arrive in Columbus - Hurricane Irma

Around 160 dogs and cats arrive in Columbus as hurricane Irma closed in on Florida.  Woof Woof Hurrah!! to the...

My Cat died suddenly.

Hi, we got two cats when they were a few weeks old and they have always been very healthy. They...

itchy dogs

I have four small rescue dogs.  All tend to lick their paws a lot and the youngest is constantly scratching...

Bugs, Dirt, Should I be worried?

i found this on my dads dog today. I have no idea what it is, but to me when you...

white/runny kitty poop

I have a 6 week old kitty that has white/runny poop - what is that?


Just got back from emergency very my cat was treated for seizures with medication till I get him to my...

Find a hypoallergenic dog in Greenwood indiana

Looking for an hypoallergenic dog near Greenwood indiana!?

Annie Rose - Yearbook photo

Puppy heatstroke

My shih tzu-pug puppy, Spotty, who was born May 30th of this year, is experiencing the symptoms of heat stroke....any...

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