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My female boxer/pit mix has been having problems with uti since she was a young puppy. Is there anything anyone can suggest feeding her besides the expensive prescription food that the vet recomends?  It is too expensive but I don't want her to continue having them either. She went 8 months without an infection and now all of a sudden she has another one.



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i have a toy and a teacup poodle, a lady i know just gave me a 6 yr. old toy who is pregnant for the third time in a row, niether of my girls ever been bred should i be scarded for her health at this point?



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Hey everyone. I just learned from a friend that dogs can actually be prescribed Prozac, which is the same medication doctors prescribe for humans. I thought it was pretty cool that advances in medicine for humans, also means advances in medicine for dogs.

Now for my question. Since going on Prozac, my friend has seen little to no change, and I was wondering if anyone had a story to share about their dog taking Prozac. I'd really like to know what changes an owner should look for if their dog was put on Prozac.

Thanks in advance!



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I really miss Hank he was our best dog he didn't need a fence and he would hunt with the family.

He was a English Pointer and he was the best English Pointer too.Dad and Hank won contests of hunting.Hank was the best dog ever...


I just recently brought a pup inside that was dumped.  Over the last few days, he has developed what appeared to be tick bite type bumps, even though he has not had any ticks on those places.  One of the bites has now turned into a kind of hard patch of skin.  He has not lost any hair and does not seem to be scratching at it.  It is located behind his front leg on his rib cage.  I have not noticed any fleas or other skin issues and I gave him a bath before these bumps started developing.  I have looked up mange and ring worm and other skin disorders, but most involve hair loss, which he does not have.  Any help would be appreciated, as I want to get him well, preferably without having to get a vet involved (I already have 4 dogs, 3 of which were also dumped over the years, so my budget is limited for vet bills).  I have a few creams and pills from my other dogs in my "dog arsenal", so hopefully I can get this little guy well and to a new, loving home soon.  Thank you in advance for any advice.

I have a 15 yr old, male dachshund, who has 22 different allergies, gets an allergy shot once a month.  He started having congestion and sneezing attacks about 3 months ago.  My Vet put him on 2 different antibiotics, 2 different antihistamines, checked him for foreign body in nasal passage or abscessed tooth, took x-rays of his nasal passages and his chest but everything showed up negative.  He started off with just clear thin mucous, now it is a little thicker and more yellowish in color.  I showed this to my Vet.  Now he is on another antibiotic, antihistamine, and decogestant.  So far no improvements.  The sneezing attacks stopped but occasionally sneezes.  They also told me it could be a possible tumor in his nasal passage or on his brain.  I would have to get an actual cat scan to find out further.  I don't want to have to pay $1200.00 to get an internist to look at him and do a cat scan.  What do I do next?  Any suggestions, and anyone with a dog that had similar symptoms like Pistol's?  I am just tired of seeing my dog suffer with that congestion. 



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Hey everybody

After being sick and tired of my dog constantly coming home with ticks, and not really seeing a difference when I using drops or sprays or whatever, I did some research on the internet and found a site with amber dog collars made by amberdog. As I was curious and my dog needed a new collar anyways, I tried one out and was so surprised - it really worked. Since my dog has been wearing one of these amberdog collars, he hasn't had one single tick on him!
Hope this info helps you (and your pets) too!


Hi all!  My wife and I are now in our 50's and are down-sizing from a large house with big yard to apartment life. Our present pooch, Ed, is collie/sheppard mix, 85 lbs. and about 12 years old. He is in good health but I know he won't live forever. I was looking for help in picking out a new breed more suited to my smaller and less active lifestyle. Appreciate any pointers!!!

I have 13yr old male Siberian Husky.  As of about 6 months ago he started going to the bathroom in the house.  He only poops in the house.  He will ask to go out when he has to urinate.  I know 13 is old for a larger dog and he has NEVER had house training problems before.  He has even pooped on the floor while I was putting his leash on to take him for a walk.  Is he senile?  Any suggestions?

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